Cake Pops Baking Kits

Cake Pops baking kits are great fun and they are popular with everyone. We have combined our baking skills to offer party goers a luxurious and sumptuously wonderful treat. You and your guests will have a great time decorating your own cake pops!

Our innovative Cake Pops Party Baking Kits is a truly amazing  way to celebrate a children's birthday party, girls' night out, group date, staff team-building activity. Why not have a cake pops decorating themed party at your home or venue just for the fun of it.

Each party guest gets his or her own cake pops, and decorations, and then everyone gets to swirl, dip, and decorate their very own cake pops to take home. 

Getting creative and artistic with cake on a stick makes for the perfect cake pops activity that everyone will enjoy, both for the experience and the cake pops treats that they'll be taking away as party gift bags.

Whether it's for a children's birthday, a special outing with friends or colleagues, Cake Pops  Parties are  fun and lets you get creative with the best cake pops ever.

Simple and instructions are provided so you and your guests can try making more cake pops at home.