Jamaican Rum Fruit Cake For Vegans

Jamaican Rum Fruit Cake For Vegans

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Jamaican Rum Fruit Cakes is slightly different to other fruit cakes. The Jamaica Rum cakes is rich and potent. We can guarantee that this is the most alcohol laden cake you are likely to taste. Our Jamaican Rum Fruit Cake is baked to perfection, light and fluffy with mixed fruits blended with J Wray & Nephew Rum and Red label Wine.

In true Jamaican tradition, it is good manners to serve guests with Jamaican Rum Fruit Cake at special occasions You are highly likely to be served with a slice of deep, dark, dense, smooth, beautifully moist, rum and wine drenched fruitcake. Jamaican Rum Fruit Cake is a deliciously spiced, warming aromatic cake that is perfect for  special occasions such as Easter,  weddings, birthdays.Try this instead of your normal fruit cake and you'll never look back.


Containing almonds, Jamaican Red Label Wine, Wray and Nephew over proof rum, cherries, raisins, mixed peel, currants, Cinnamon, mixed spices, butter, browning, flour containing wheat, almonds.

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