mixed dried fruit with rum
mixed dried fruit rum  cake
Mixed dried fruit with rum Christmas pudding

Mixed Dried Fruit with Rum

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Mixed Dried Fruit 1kg with rum. A delicious and sweet treat mixed dried fruit treat. Perfect for Christmas Cakes and Puddings. A delicious and sweet treat for rum lovers 

This is a great ingredient to add to your Christmas cake for that special touch. This delicious dried fruit mix is perfect for making cakes, pastries, muffins, bread, pies, tarts, puddings and more. The mix contains mixed lemon and orange peel, cherries, currants, raisins and jumbo sultana's, soaked in rum.

With a mix of dried fruit pieces, this is the perfect for the Christmas season. A tasty treat for this festive period. This mix contains dried fruit pieces, so you can enjoy eating them throughout the year. This sweet treat is perfect for you and everyone to enjoy over the Christmas period.

For a traditional Christmas puddings and cakes, a combination of dried fruits is a must. This mix is a great addition to your Christmas baking. The addition of rum takes this mix to the next level.

The mixed dried fruit rum infused mix can be added to cake batter along with aromatic flavorings and warm spices. When baking, your home is fragranced with the cake's citrusy mixed dried fruit notes. It smells like Christmas is in the air Its perfect for Christmas and any time.

Our mixed dried fruit with rum comes in a self-sealing, clear, stand-up pouch. This helps to keep the rum dried fruit plump and moist.