Buy White Chocolate Melts

Buy White Chocolate Melts

White Chocolate Melts by Cake Pops Parties.

Buy White Quality Chocolate Melts by Cake Pops Parties is perfect for

• Coating,

• Moulding,

• Dipping

• Cake pops,

• Moulding into sweet delights,

• Flooding

• Cupcakes


• Dipping biscuits

• Cake covering

• Pouring over ice cream and desserts.

It is great and versatile. The melts taste delicious and it makes you feel that you are in chocolate heaven. Comes in the form of buttons.


Sugar, Palm Oil (Palm Oil, Fully Hydrogenated Palm Oil), Whey Powder (MILK ), Emulsifier: SOYA Lecithin; Flavouring.

For allergens, please see ingredients in CAPITALS

May contain traces of Wheat (Gluten)

200mg sealed pouches for freshness. Long expiry date. Easy microwave melting instructions.

Put white chocolate melts in a microwave-safe deep bowl or similar. Microwave at 50% power for 30 seconds. Remove  from the microwave. Stir melts thoroughly. Return bowl to the microwave. Heat at 50% power at 30 second intervals, stirring thoroughly after each interval, until buttons are largely melted. If buttons are partially melted and  bowl is still warm, allow it sit a minute or two and then stir again. Do not over-microwave. Over heating will make your melts lumpy.  Use the melted chocolate as soon as you can because it will set quickly. Enjoy.


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