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Cake Pops Gift For Someone Special

Buy this beautiful Cake Pops gift for someone special. This is a wonderful gift to melt someone's heart Cake Pops are made with vanilla sponge and swirled with chocolate. The Cake Pops are tastefully arranged in a lace effect plant pot holder.    

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Cake Pops, The best way to eat cake

Did you know that is trendy to eat cake on a stick!  We would know as we are currently baking every day to keep up with the heavy demand from our loyal customer base. Place your orders early to avoid disappointment. Thank you customers. We owe our success to you!

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Buy Cake Pops UK

A cake pop is a cake on a stick which resembles a lollipop. Fine cake crumb particles  are delightfully blended with icing, chocolate or candy melts and formed into small cake balls by hand. A lollipop stick is inserted before being given a thick coating of icing, chocolate or candy melts. cake pops look great with sprinkles or many other edible decorations of choice. 

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