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Big Layer Coffee Chocolate Dusting Cake

Big Layer Coffee Chocolate Dusting Cake

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Introducing the Big Layer Coffee Chocolate Dusting Cake, a delectable treat that will make any occasion truly unforgettable.

Made with love and care, this cake is designed to bring joy to family gatherings, friends' get-togethers, birthdays, parties, weddings, and anniversaries. Its rich layers of moist chocolate sponge are generously dusted with a fine coffee-infused cocoa powder, creating a harmonious combination of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds.

Each bite of this indulgent cake is a celebration in itself. The smooth and velvety texture of the chocolate sponge melts in your mouth, while the subtle hint of coffee adds depth and complexity to the overall taste.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this cake is a true masterpiece. Its intricate layers are expertly assembled to create a visually stunning centerpiece for any occasion. Whether you're hosting a grand wedding or an intimate birthday celebration, the Big Layer Coffee Chocolate Dusting Cake will impress your guests and leave them craving for more.

Please note that this cake contains wheat, egg, milk, Sulphur dioxide, soya, lupin, nuts, peanuts, sesame, and cereals containing gluten.

Indulge in the perfect balance of flavors with our Big Layer Coffee Chocolate Dusting Cake. It's time to elevate your celebrations and create lasting memories with every slice.

Pre-cut, 15 slices.


Contains: Wheat, Egg, Milk, Sulphur Dioxide, Soya

May Contain: Lupin, Nuts, Peanuts, Sesame, Cereals containing Gluten, Cherry Pits


Suitable for vegetarians.

Our products are made in a busy environment where GLUTEN, EGG, SOYA, MILK, NUTS PEANUTS and other ALLERGENIC ingredients are used. Due to the nature of our food operation, we cannot fully guarantee that any food will be 100% completely free from any allergens.

Due to their hand-made nature, the finished products may vary slightly from the images displayed.

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