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Gluten Free Christmas Fruit Cake

Gluten Free Christmas Fruit Cake

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Indulge in the festive spirit with our Gluten Free Christmas Fruit Cake. Made with love and care, this mouthwatering cake is the perfect centerpiece for your holiday celebrations.

Our Gluten Free Christmas Fruit Cake is expertly crafted using a blend of succulent currants, sultana raisins, and glacé cherries, ensuring every slice bursts with fruity goodness. The addition of mixed peel adds a delightful zing, while a generous splash of brandy infuses the cake with a warm, festive flavor.

What sets our cake apart is its gluten-free composition. Carefully crafted with gluten-free flour and a blend of aromatic spices including freshly grated nutmeg and mixed spice, this cake caters to those with dietary restrictions without compromising on taste or texture.

We've also taken care to incorporate other dietary preferences by making this cake vegan-friendly. Using vegan butter and apple sauce as key ingredients, we've created a cake that is both delicious and suitable for a wide range of diets.

To top it all off, our Gluten Free Christmas Fruit Cake is beautifully adorned with icing sugar and marzipan to create a stunning centerpiece for your holiday table. Let Santa himself be envious of this delectable creation!

Whether you're hosting a festive family gathering or simply want to indulge in some seasonal delights, our Gluten Free Christmas Fruit Cake is the perfect choice. Make this holiday season extra special with a slice of pure indulgence!



Currants, sultana raisins, glacé cherries, mixed peel, brandy, Gluten Free Flour, salt, freshly grated nutmeg, mixed spice, almonds, soft brown sugar, black treacle, vegan butter, apple sauce, grated rind of lemon, grated rind of orange, icing sugar, marzipan.

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