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Pink Heart Shaped Wedding Cake

Pink Heart Shaped Wedding Cake

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Indulge in the perfect centerpiece for your dream wedding celebration with our exquisite Pink Heart Shaped Wedding Cake. Crafted to captivate cake lovers and add a touch of romance, this creamy confection is sure to delight both the bride and groom on their special day.

Our vegan wedding cake is made with love, using only the finest ingredients. Picture this: a moist, almond-infused sponge soaked in Jamaican Red Label Wine and Wray and Nephew over proof rum, perfectly complemented by succulent cherries, raisins, and mixed peel. The delicate balance of currants, cinnamon, and mixed spices adds a hint of warmth to each bite.

We understand that dietary restrictions shouldn't compromise taste or style, which is why our pink heart shaped wedding cake is gluten-free. Expertly baked with a blend of gluten-free flour and nutritious chia seeds, every slice is a guilt-free pleasure.

Expertly adorned with fondant icing and marzipan, this stunning cake is a visual feast. Its captivating pink hue symbolizes love and joy, making it the perfect choice for any romantic occasion.

Make your wedding event truly extraordinary with our Pink Heart Shaped Wedding Cake. Whether you're celebrating your own love story or searching for the ideal gift for a couple's special day, this delectable creation will leave a lasting impression.


Containing almonds, Jamaican Red Label Wine, Wray and Nephew over proof rum, cherries, raisins, mixed peel, currants, Cinnamon, mixed spices, butter, browning, gluten free flour, Chia seeds, almonds, fondant icing, marzipan.

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