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Red Roses Wedding Cake

Red Roses Wedding Cake

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Exquisite Red Rose Three-Tiered Wedding Cake - A Timeless Masterpiece

Step into the enchanting world of our Red Rose Three-Tiered Wedding Cake, a true masterpiece that will elevate your special day to new heights. Meticulously handcrafted with precision and artistry, this cake is adorned with delicate, edible red rose decorations, exuding an aura of romance and elegance that is sure to captivate both the eyes and the palate.

Spectacular Design and Flavors

Customization and Personalization

  • Our skilled artisans can tailor the design to seamlessly align with your wedding theme, ensuring a harmonious integration into your overall decor and creating a cake that reflects your personal style.
  • Personalize the flavors, sizes, and additional design elements to craft a cake that embodies the essence of your love story, adding a touch of individuality to your celebration.

Ordering Information

To bring this timeless masterpiece to your wedding celebration, connect with our dedicated team to discuss your vision and secure your order. We recommend reaching out at least two weeks in advance, allowing us to meticulously plan and execute every detail to perfection, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience for your special day.

Classic Three-Tiered Cake Sizes and Servings

  • Small (10/15/20 cm or 4/6/8 inches): Ideal for intimate gatherings or small parties, serving approximately 20-25 people.
  • Medium (15/20/25 cm or 6/8/10 inches): Catering to medium-sized events and celebrations, serving around 40-45 people.
  • Large (20/25/30 cm or 8/10/12 inches): Perfect for grand events and larger gatherings, designed to serve 60-70 people.
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